Virginia Shooter Claims he was Victim of Harassment, Bullying

Virginia killer Lester Flanagan wrote a 23-page manifesto detailing his trials and tribulations as a gay black man, blaming racism for causing Flanagan to shoot two white journalists on live television.  Flanagan wrote that he feels he has been bullied and a victim of harassment.

Flanagan claimed that he suffered racial discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying.  The manifesto states Flanagan suffered “nasty racist things” while working at WDBJ-7 in Roanoke, Virginia.  As a result, Flanagan sued the station.  “I marched down to the courthouse and sued WDBJ7 by myself and they settled! HA!”

Reports are still coming in discussing the motives and history of Flanagan but this crime is very telling, as more states like California move to add anti-bullying components to their compliance training requirements.