Counterfeiting and Intellectual Property Theft Investigations

Counterfeiting and Intellectual Property Theft Investigations

American businesses have been facing intellectual property theft issues for years.  Billions of dollars have been lost to counterfeiting.  Large corporations often have in house staff and counsel to prevent and defend themselves from many of these types of crimes.  However, medium and small businesses are often at a loss when it comes to dealing with intellectual property crimes.  We offer a full suite of intellectual property theft investigation services.  If you feel you have been the victim of an intellectual property crime, we can help.

Diversified Risk Management believes that a successful intellectual property crime investigation starts with thorough planning and preparation.

During the planning and preparation, the client’s Intellectual Property is evaluated for security measures that the client has adopted. This includes the manufacturing of the products, distribution channels, and sales of their Intellectual Property.

The investigator then outlines for the Brand Owner how the investigation should be initiated and conducted. Our ultimate goal is to catch the big fish. We start our investigations from the ground up at the retailer level. We then work our way to the wholesaler, then the distributor, and end with the manufacturer.

At Diversified Risk Management, Inc., we make sure that you understand not just why your product is being counterfeited but how it is being counterfeited.