Legal Support For Intellectual Property Matters

intellectual property litigation

Diversified Risk Management, Inc., offers a wide variety of legal support services for Intellectual Property matters. Our services include procurement of evidence, jury surveys, asset searches, investigative/administrative interviews, record searches and retrieval, service of process on difficult individuals, and photography or video documentation.

Our teams apply the latest technology and techniques to create a variety of techniques for identifying and preventing disclosure of our clients’ important information.   Our expert intellectual property litigation support team is read to assist clients and counsel with any IP litigation support need.  Diversified Risk Management litigation support can help with all types of IP litigation cases: patent infringement, counterfeit, trade secret, infringement claims, unfair competition, etc.

We have an incredible track record in conducting intellectual property asset searches as part of our legal support portfolio.  In addition we have a large team of seasoned investigators with experience in a wide variety of fields on hand to perform any other necessary due diligence to support your case.

If you need help with intellectual property litigation support please call or email us.