Real Property Ownership Records

    Real Property Ownership Records

    This search is performed to identify or verify real property ownership and to help determine the value of a particular property. In addition, details such as the zoning (commercial office space vs. single family residence), land usage (parking lot vs. vacant land) and specific details about the improvements on the property (number of bedrooms and bathrooms, pool, attached garage, square footage, etc.) are included.

    In-depth property ownership research can be performed using an individual’s address history, which is often derived from a Social Security Number Trace . Research can be performed on property at each identified address to determine whether or not subjects of the investigation currently or previously owned these properties. In addition, this search obtains tax assessment information from the latest tax roll prepared by the office of the Recorder of Deeds; this will show the land value, improvement value and total value according to their assessment.

    By accessing vesting information, a title search can be an ingenious way to identify pertinent details about a subject. For example, if you need to determine if your subject is single or married, but cannot find a copy of a marriage certificate, the vesting information regarding property owned by the subject may cause this information to be immediately provided. When preparing for possible litigation , an asset search that includes a title search can greatly aid in a due diligence determination as to whether or not the cost of pursuing a lawsuit could likely be fruitful.

    If necessary, we can obtain certified copies of real property documents (grant deeds, transfer of ownership, etc.) directly from the county Recorder of Deeds and Tax Assessor’s office. At lesser cost, uncertified copies can also be procured, according to your specific needs.

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