County-Specific Civil Record Search

    County-Specific Civil Records

    This search will show civil records associated with a specific individual (or entity) filed in any particular County jurisdiction. Separate searches can be performed simultaneously in multiple jurisdictions to determine whether an individual or entity has been named in previous or ongoing civil complaints. Currently the industry standard for a civil search is a seven-year search period, but searches for much greater timeframes can also be performed.

    It is important to note civil records are filed by name only; no other identifiers, such as date of birth or Social Security number, are normally associated with civil records. If the subject of the investigation has a common name, additional research is almost always required to determine if the civil records found are actually associated with subject of the investigation. Therefore, it is essential to provide us with the subject’s middle name or initial, when available, to better determine the records are actually associated with your subject.

    Like county-specific criminal record searches, civil record searches can be performed by access to an index or “pulled” by hand at the county court house. We recommend performing an index search to identify as many cases as possible that may be associated with your subject, and then having our agents run a hand search to obtain specific details that were not available via the index.

    Civil records filed at the county level are generally divided between the lower and upper courts, based upon the monetary amount of the claim (cutoff figures may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction). For example, in Los Angeles County, California, civil cases commonly filed at the lower court include Small Claims cases and cases in which the dollar amount is up to, but not more than $7,500; these include most unlawful detainer (eviction) cases and those involving bad debt collections. Cases with higher monetary values are filed in upper (Superior) courts, and include such case types as breach of contract, fraud, and all sorts of civil tort cases.

    Please inquire regarding costs and turnaround times for specific jurisdictions.