Corporate Records Search

    Corporate Records Search

    Corporate Records Search A Corporate Records Search is indispensable in due diligence investigations; a multitude of valuable information can be gleaned, including the date of incorporation and filing number (necessary to identify and obtain detailed copies of articles of incorporation, annual reports and other corporate filings), the company’s physical address, the business’s current status with the Secretary of State (i.e. in good standing, defaulted, permanently revoked, administratively dissolved, etc.) and to determine whether the corporation is domestic (incorporated in the State where it does business) or foreign (i.e. originally incorporated in another state and/or also incorporated in other states).

    This search is not limited to corporations; we can identify the same type of information on other types of business entities, such as limited partnerships (LP), limited liability partnerships (LLP), and limited liability companies (LLC).

    Corporate records databases allow us to search by name of corporation, officers, location, filing numbers, etc.

    Corporate Records Search Benefits

    • Verify the existence of a corporation
    • Confirm a business is legitimately registered with the Secretary of State
    • Determine whether a specific corporate name is available for use
    • Identify the company’s Registered Agent for legal process service
    • Reveal current ownership and management structure
    • Determine where a corporation is registered, even if registered in multiple states
    • Identify stock ownership records
    • Determine if a specific corporation name has been used previously
    • Identify former and current officers
    • Determine if a corporation is in good standing and is up to date on all state fees
    • Reveal historical changes in the ownership and management structure

    We can also obtain regular or certified copies of any corporate records including initial articles of incorporation and organization, annual reports, and special filings (i.e. changes in ownership, stock par value, etc.). Nation-wide or state-wide searches can be performed at the client’s request.