Business Credit Report

    Business Credit Report

    A Business Credit Report (also known as a Commercial Credit Report) provides detailed insight into a company’s financial state. Our reports enable clients to gain current and objective analyses of how businesses handle financial obligations, conveying not only information regarding the companies’ ability to pay, but also their willingness to pay your invoices on time.

    Many financially secure Fortune 500 companies make concerted efforts to ignore your invoices for 90 or 120 days before processing them; in such cases, Business Credit Reports often offer potential creditors a valuable glimpse into the future.

    Whether you are selecting a vendor, vetting a potential customer, or identifying sales prospects, our business credit reports can be valuable tools for risk assessment and management. The amount and quality of information we are able to provide with a Business Credit Report varies with the size of the company and the amount of time they have been in business. For internationalbusiness credit reports, legal restrictions where the company is based can be major factors in the amount of information available; please inquire about specific countries for details in this regard.

    Business credit reports let you

    • Obtain key facts about a business
    • Identify key personnel
    • Predict future payment behavior
    • Identify civil judgment filings against the business
    • Review detailed financial payment trends
    • Identify Uniform Commercial Code filings
    • Verify corporate registration and determine whether it is in good standing
    • Identify bankruptcy records
    • Banking, insurance and leasing records
    • Identify tax liens imposed against the business