Police Report Filing

    police-report-filingIt can be very beneficial in theft matters to solicit the help of Law Enforcement. Successful prosecution acts as a deterrent to future theft. Having a criminal conviction against an ex-employee is an excellent way to mitigate the possibility of litigation for wrongful termination.

    Business Challenge

    There are several reasons why the police often hesitate to respond in the way you wish. If you better understood the challenges and concerns of the police, and adjusted your approach accordingly, you would have much better results. Law Enforcement Officers are primarily interested in arrest records and lowering local crime statistics, while District Attorneys and Deputy D.A.’s are primarily interested in their conviction records.

    Like it or not, politics is a grim reality. District Attorneys have to run for re-election every few years. The main focus of a D.A.’s campaign is always his or her conviction record. If a D.A. can boast a 98% conviction rate, it may seem as though “bad guys don’t have a chance in this jurisdiction”.

    Before a police officer can actively devote time to your case, he has to know his adversaries at the D.A.’s office; otherwise the Detective handling your case will have your case rejected due to “lack of overwhelming proof.” Most

    Law Enforcement agencies are greatly motivated to reject your case if there is any way possible to “kick it off” to another jurisdiction. But when you hand the police a well-articulated and simple case they can prove, and you’ll get a much better response. The sad truth is cops don’t have much time for you. Most cases never get properly “worked” in many cities, and most criminals go free as a result.

    Business Solution

    You can assure your case gets the attention it needs by “cutting to the chase,” making it as easy as possible for police to quickly understand your case, take it in as an active police matter and to complete their important legwork. In most instances, it’s best to actually do much of that work for them; you should take the time to lay out very clearly for the police the “corpus” or “body” of the crime.

    When reporting a theft case, it’s important to know the definition of theft in your state. Theft is usually defined as “Taking of one’s property by another with intention to permanently deprive the person of their property.”

    Eliminate the possibility of your criminal case being viewed as a civil matter. The more you do up front, the less the police will have to work on solving your case, and the more likely your case will stay at the top of the heap until it ends in a successful arrest and conviction.

    Remember Cops are only interested in enforcing the law when it’s clear a crime has occurred. Simplify your communication with the police, articulate your case clearly, know the applicable criminal laws, and make sure they can’t reject your case due to jurisdictional issues nor describe it as a civil matter.

    Case Study

    We have seen numerous cases that should have been “open-and-shut”, but because of some tiny technicality, the D.A. does not feel comfortable filing and prosecuting. At DRM, our seasoned investigators aid clients in preparing police reports to ensure the highest probability of successful prosecution and conviction.