Bank Account Search

Bank Account SearchWhen considering litigation, an asset search on the potential defendants is an excellent way to determine if it worth proceeding with a complaint. But what do you do if you actually win your case?

How do you collect on your judgment? One of the most effective ways is to perform a bank account search.

Our investigators can literally tell if your debtor is lying by identifying current balances of the debtors’ bank accounts.

If you the debtor has money in a savings or checking account (including joint accounts) with a bank, credit union, savings and loan, or similar financial institution, our investigators and your attorney can facilitate the seizure of money from any accounts we identify to help satisfy a judgment in order to follow the letter of the law and to ensure thorough searches, our investigators will only take on clients for bank accounts searches if they hold a judgment naming them the creditor and the subject(s) of the investigation as the debtor(s).

Similarly, in order to comply will all applicable laws and regulations, we only provide the following information on accounts we locate: bank name, bank address, type of account, and current account balance.

We do not provide bank account numbers. If you or your client has a judgment, we can perform statewide, nationwide and even international bank account searches. Contact us today to learn more about our fee schedule and turnaround time.

Our goal is to always exceed our client’s expectations. With that in mind, we would like to provide a few brief notes to help you determine your best course of action.

Prepare For Your Account Search

  • If the account is in the name of a spouse or a fictitious business name, or an LLC of which the individual is a member, this will not be found in an individual bank account search under the individual’s name.
  • Account numbers are not provided to comply with various privacy laws. However, the type of account, financial institution branch location, and current balance (subject to security restrictions) is provided. This information can be utilized to seize the funds you are owed.
  • Please review carefully and make note of the pricing for each individual bank account located, as the number of bank accounts we will find cannot be known prior to initiating the search.